B.Sc Hons

B.Sc Hons Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal including neck and low back pain (spinal),whiplash and Neurological rehabilitation. Specialising in abdominal visceral mobilisations and women’s health. Qualified children’s Yoga teacher (ages 3 – 13)
I qualified at Oxford Brookes University. I am into most sports especially Yoga, Horse Riding, Dance, Running and Squash. I have studied multiple courses since qualifying into many areas of physiotherapy. I am committed to continuing professional development and attend many courses every year.
I enjoy outpatient physiotherapy, employing mobilisation, manipulation, soft tissue techniques and home exercises as treatment modalities.I thoroughly enjoy analysing and helping to restore normal movement and whenever possible, I like to provide the patient with the necessary tools to be able to help maintain themselves and prevent re-occurrence of problems.I believe it is important to explain the treatment and the mechanism causing the problem as this is the key towards helping the patient understand their own pain. Once they can do this, they can relate the treatment techniques and the exercises to help resolve their injury.
Alex is on Maternity leave at present.

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