Anna Marie

Anna-Marie Foley

Anna-Marie Foley

Anna-Marie Foley Senior Physiotherapist MCSP SRP BSc(Hons)
Whiplash, back pain, vestibular rehabilitation (vertigo), Pilates, Post op orthopaedic rehabilitation including spinal surgery.
Qualified in 1995 from Manchester, completing junior and senior rotations in Surrey.
I became interested in vestibular rehabilitation for dizziness when working with the outpatient team at St Anthony’s Hospital, Sutton, (2001), and widened my sports injuries experience while assisting the local rugby team. I started Pilates training and then teaching from 2002.
I worked in Orthopaedics, post op spinal surgery and neurosurgery at The London Clinic, full time in 2004, and later part-time up until the beginning of 2009, when I left on maternity leave. Now back enjoying the wide variety of treatment specialities at Longfield Integrated Care Centre.

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