It is normal for many people to experience problems at some time in their lives. Usually, when other areas of their lives are running smoothly they generally have the capacity to deal with them. However, when a number of difficulties occur at any one time, we sometimes feel overwhelmed, vulnerable and unable to cope.

Wendy Ambrose

Wendy Ambrose

Specialist Counsellor & Psychotherapist
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Tony Burton

Specialist Counsellor & Psychotherpaist
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Counselling/Psychotherapy can provide a safe, confidential space to learn the skills necessary to overcome your problems and the accompanying distress.
Counselling allows the opportunity to tell your story, be listened to, have your individual needs understood and find a way forward which is the most helpful for you.

At the assessment session you will have the opportunity to discuss your problems and to decide whether you want to work with your counsellor.