Do you run? What is Vi Move and how can it help you achieve your PB?

What is ViMove?

ViMove is  Wireless Sensor technology that objectively measures human movement and turns it into actionable data. This is achieved through the use of  motion and muscle activity sensors that record data at 200 frames per second.In doing so, ViMove provides visual, objective, easily interpreted data to improve patient assessments, prevent and manage injuries, and document therapy progress for patients, referring physicians and insurance companies.

LICC- Running Clinic -  Your running symmetry may be affecting your performance. With our wireless sensor technology, running analysis is moving away from the traditional techniques which usually requires the use of a treadmill despite research showing that there are significant differences between treadmill running and road or track running.   With the ability to assess the lower back, neck, knees, core, hamstrings and running styles, ViMove provides an assessment and rehabilitation solution that can be tailored specifically to the patient.

How does it work? It’s simple! Two sensors attached to your shins, calibrated and off you go. After your normal run we will sit down with you to analyse your results. • We can use this initial information to help guide improvements to your running and if required assist with rehabilitation. The system can be used again to reassess and check you are getting results  from your treatment.

• You also have the option of a combined ViPerform Running Clinic Package to include a Running Clinic assessment and live monitoring session plus our ViMove+ Functional and Live Screening Assessments.

Why choose our Running Clinic?

• Measures your running symmetry

• Provides objective information on your running.

• Improves your performance

• Prevents and manages injury

What will we measure?

• Speed & distance

• Ground contact time

• Ground Reaction Force

• Asymmetry Index

• Cadence (average steps per minute) • Run time & total step count

• Initial Peak Acceleration